18 May 2023

The Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine and InterTradeAgency acted as partners of the International Conference “LOGISTICS OF ROAD TRANSPORTATION – Ukraine, Poland, Europe”.



On May 18, 2023, a large-scale event dedicated to international logistics, forwarding and transport "LOGISTICS OF ROAD TRANSPORTATION - Ukraine, Poland, Europe" took place in Warsaw. The conference is aimed at improving Ukraine-EU bilateral relations in the field of international transport, the current state of the EU transport market, current trends in international transport, economy and efficiency, as well as financial and risk management in the TSL industry.

The conference has about 200 participants, including world leaders in logistics, government officials, lawyers and financial experts, as well as representatives of Polish and Ukrainian business.

The Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine and InterTradeAgency acted as partners of the conference, Anna Vinnychenko as the official representative of Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine in Poland and the head of InterTradeAgency had the honor to summarize the event, among which the following can be highlighted:

  • The most important problem of Ukrainian-Polish logistics today is the long queues at the borders. In order to improve the capacity of road crossings and, as a result, reduce large traffic jams at the border, it is necessary to prepare an appeal to the relevant directorates general of the European Commission to develop a mechanism for simplifying permit procedures, as well as holding joint meetings and delegations from both countries.
  • Establishing equal conditions for all market participants with their own understanding of the need to adapt to the standards of the national market. But it will be difficult to do this under completely equal conditions, because if the Polish road transport business has the opportunity to choose where to go, and choose where there are more favorable tariffs, the Ukrainian business does not have such a luxury now, and if we can only go to the EU, then the queue is for 2 weeks - this is our unalternative reality, unfortunately.
  •  In order to take into account all interests, it is appropriate to create a joint Polish-Ukrainian association, which will include representatives of specialized national automobile associations of Ukraine and Poland. Such an organization can form proposals from both sides and in the format of working groups at the government level. For our part, we are ready to do everything necessary for the creation of such an association from the side of Ukraine, so we are open to offers from respected partners, if they are also interested in such work.
  •  It became necessary to organize a cooperative (cluster) of transport companies, and representatives of the Polish TSL industry agreed to hold the necessary consultations for the implementation of this project.

We thank the International Payments Association for organizing and holding the conference at the highest level, because only coordinated actions will help to improve the business model, optimize costs and improve the commercial offer. Joint work and healthy competition will always be the key to the development of the road transport industry in both Poland and Ukraine.



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